good laptop to play PCSX2?
currently I am on a laptop (Toshiba Qosmio x505-q890), with quad core 1.73 processor, NVidia gts 360M, 6GB RAM.
The game I wanted to play is GT3 and GT4 (I love my racing games) Tongue
The reason I ask for a good laptop is when I have parties for my family, I would like to have them play these wonderful games, but unfortunately my computer is good, aside from bad frames while in game racing...

Don't bother telling me to get desktop, because with laptop, I can set it up fast, and move it from location to location easier, well for me IMO...

anyone got suggestions?
thank you

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Get a faster laptop with a modern CPU like an i7 7700hq
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
if you want something that will run any ps2 game you throw at it, you'll want to get a CPU with at least a 2000 STR. The i7 770hq runs at about 1900, so it may not work well with more demanding games. If you want a good laptop that will perform well, then don't plan to go cheap.

You can go here to look at processors that will run above 2000 str.
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All the mobile cpus above the 7700hq int hat chart come from laptops that cost $4k+ when they came out. So yeah that's ridiculous and the 7700hq will do perfectly fine in the majority of games.

So a 7700hq and at least 1050 will do quite nicely in PCSX2 and you can find those starting at roughly $900 to $1200 if you op for a 1050 ti as well. At the $1200 point you are looking at laptops with a 7700hq and a 1060 3gb card which is what I plan on snagging myself. Heck at $2k you still get the 7700hq and things like the 1070 and 1080. So yeah the 7700hq is the best of the cpus to snag if you don't have the $4k+ for something like the 7820hk

AKA look at something from Sager for example like the Sager NP6852. i7 7700hq and 1050 ti for $879
try playing native res or custom like 1280*720. My latop i54210u 1.7 ghz, 840m nvida gpu with intel and 8 gb ram. I am playing most games 2x or 1920*1080 resolution.
Any modern i5 will do for those two games.

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