good time to do the UI translation?

I would like to do the translation for the UI of the current SVN trunk version, however I didn't see any .po or .pot files in the SVN trunk yet (ie. no translations/templates have been made).

Not sure if it's currently a good time to generate the .pot file myself and do the translation. Just asking so that I won't have my time wasted Smile


btw, where should I place the compiled .mo file, and what's the filename I should use?
putting the .mo file into /Langs/zh_CN like previous versions doesn't seem to be effective.

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I dont think UI Translations are needed at this i wrong? Laugh
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
It is actually not a good time, indeed.
And I can't even tell you when it'll be.

Thanks for the offer though Smile
We will have a public official release of 0.9.7 in a few weeks (hopefully) -- and that's when we'll be ready for translation help.

Translations will then be packaged with 0.9.8. Smile
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Hehe.. Pcsx2 is making so much advance, I'm seriously thinking in upgrade my Gpu instead of buying PS3 games Smile
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now as 0.9.7 beta is released - should I do it now? Smile
.pot template file still can't be found in the svn.
Not... quite... yet. I'm very close to having it ready for translation work, though.

I did one stage of reviewing messages earlier today. I'd like to do one more, and then prep the pot and the Wiki guide for doing translations.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team

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