got glitch and choppy sound in latest 1.4.0
about 2 hour ago i enter and found out latest version 1.4.0 is out so I try to run Shadow of The Colossus and beating the fifth boss (i'm stop play 1 year ago at this boss). after saving the game, next I trying to play Haunting Ground. when start at first cut-scene it got choppy audio then when start to control this girl I'm found out that her face and fist turn to grey. Blink


this is my gsdx setting


using gsdx 9 it become worst *turn to black


my preset at 2 - safe (faster)


this is my plugin setting


this is my PC spec

CPU - AMD Phenom II X3 720BE *stock speed
GPU - AMD Radeon HD7750 GDDR5 1GB *Radeon software version 15.12
RAM - 2X2GB Kingston DDR3
OS - Windows 10 x64 Pro build 10586

playing this game on version 1.2.1 smooth as silky and didn't have any glitch or choppy audio. thanks god because i delete the version 1.2.1  then discovered about glitch in 1.4.0, immediately  restore 1.2.1 from my recycle bin

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Hmm, what happens if you disable MTVU Hack ?
Yeah changing the settings causes her to turn black and even if you turn them off she still remains black.
today i play this game again and  this game become smooth again  Laugh

weird Wacko , is it because Microsoft c++ 2015 needed to restart after install it???

there is no glitch and choppy anymore

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