gotta question
so i wanna play an old ps2 game that i use to love but i dont have a ps2 or anything, but is it possible to play a ps2 emulator without having a ps2 to get the bios off of? everywhere i check it says you needa plug in ur ps2 to ur computer to get the bios but cant find anything that says you dont need a ps2? any help would be appreciated thx.

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no, you need a PS2 for the bios
There is no other legal way though, and PS2 was quite cheap now, better get one and dump the BIOS from it...
a Chinese PS2 cost less than 15$

( note : i have a Japanese 6 years old PS2 i don't know id it's illegal to buy Chinese made PS2 so don't warn me for that please Excl )
You mean fake PS2? Blink I do not think such thing exists.

A Chinese PS2 costs $150 in my place (SCPH-90006, Hongkong version). The price is high perhaps due to it is pre-modded. If you book and request them not to mod the console, you must spend $130 at least.

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