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Hi, I'm looking into buying a video card for my i5 sandy bridge desktop for playing games, and I'd like to run at least some ps2 games on pcsx2. I was thinking something not too expensive, like a sapphire 6570. Do you think it will be adequate?

What gpus are you guys using for pcsx2 in linux, and with what success?

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I used the GT 440. But I run PCSX2 under Wine. @@ The framerate dropped whenever the resolution was higher than native.
(01-16-2013, 10:54 AM)Livy Wrote: I used the GT 440. But I run PCSX2 under Wine. @@ The framerate dropped whenever the resolution was higher than native.

oh well, I think native resolution would be good enough for me... why did you run it under wine?
It would definitely be sufficient, though I would look into getting a card that is GDDR5, rather than GDDR3. If you're not too worried about it though then it's still a good card. Should be able to run everything 2x Res, I would think.
For Linux I would get any card >= OpenGL 4.1
thanks for the tip on gddr5, I read it's generally a lot faster than gddr3... looking into some cards for the same price...
GDDR5 is a must in my opinion (much better for PCSX2 too)

Otherwise some general info:
AMD: opensource driver (one days)
Avoid HD7000 series. Driver is really buggy.
Nvidia: seems to work a bit better with GSdx openGL HW renderer (doesn't translate as Nvidia work with GSdx openGL HW renderer)
Take into account others games too. "Standard" games could (would) require a more powerful GPU than PCSX2 (actually GPU it isn't use in the same fashion)

If you want to save money and are (really) patient the best would be to wait the new generation refresh (3-6 monthes). Generally store does high discount to empty their stocks. I saw an HD5850 @ 80Euros only. However I don't know if they do the same with low end model.
so the sapphire 7750 for about 80€ looks interesting, but I'm starting to get worried about the catalyst driver... The more I read around on phoronix and general linux forums, the more I find people are having issues with this propietary driver, that updates are *slow* and bugs aren't allways fixed... I'll do some research on the nvidia side also, since they seem to have a better propietary driver but are more expensive for the same hardware

gregory, thanks saw your reply after I wrote mine. So you're saying nvidia usually work a bit better with GSdx? What do you mean with "doesn't translate"?
radeom 7xxx driver is literally that bad. it causes way too many crashes making gsdx completely unusable on linux pcsx2.
well good I asked before buying then Smile yesterday I was literaly on the verge of buying the 6570, today the 7750.... now I think I'm gonna do quite a lot more reading

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