gran turismo 3 and 4 issues converting replays with mymc
Just a shot in the dark here. maybe there's a solution somebody knows about.

So I converted some of my gran turismo 3 and 4 replays that I had backed up on my computer in .psu format. Used mymc. imported them to my pcsx2 memcard. easy as can be.

Well the gamedata files work. I have all my old cars and trophies and money and whatnot. But the replay files do not work.

On gran turismo 3 a replay will load. the car will make it maybe a couple turns and then crash itself into a wall...
gran turismo 4 just says error file corrupted and doesnt load the replays.

any solutions appreciated. just wanted to enjoy some of my old drifting from 10 years ago.

Attached is a bunch of my own replay files in .psu format copied to usb using ulaunchelf.  if anybody wants to try to make it work on the emulator. some for gt3 and some for gt4. feel free to verify them on an actual ps2 first if you're handy with ulaunchelf as im sure a lot of you are.

hey wait a minute. maybe i could use ulaunchelf on pscx2 and browse and import them that way? Im sure there's some reason that wont work though...

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