grandia 3 cheat code problem
i tried the inf hp code for yuki, char 1 and char 2 and they are working. i got the codes from:-

i converted them using omniconvert then i used the pcsx2ce tool to make them into pnach file

next i want to try the quick magic level code for yuki from:-

i want to use this code:-
Quick 005B7796 Level EXP Gain
1AD50B67 0000FFFF

it is not working. i did not do anything wrong. i tried another code from the same pageĀ like the max all levels for yuki and it worked

i found:-

however i did not understand anything at all

how do i get the quick magic level code to work?

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The codes from the first link are using ARMAX encryption and the codes from the second link are using v1 CodeBreaker encryption
Decrypt the codes and try again
i did that. first i decrypted the armax encryption and put it in pnach file then i decrypted the v1 codebreaker code for the quick magic level up code and put it in the same pnach file. the inf hp code works but the other code is not working. as i said there is a problem with the quick gain codes

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