graphical glitch!
Hi there,

I've just started with pcsx2 and I'm almost there but I keep getting the below graphical glitch in game. I've just updated my drivers and it doesn't show during cutscenes, can anybody help me get rid of it please?

My PC is an intel core2 quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz with 4GB Ram running Vista Ultimate 64 and a GeForce 8800GT

My Plugins config is currently:
GSdx 890 SSSE3 with D3D10(Hardware) at 1024x768
It doesn't seem to have any impact if I change the other settings much.
I get 50-60fps and it's really smooth it would be awesome if it wasn't for this graphical glitch!! Any help MUCH appreciated!!

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Apologies I've fixed it and even managed to get SOTC to run smoothly (except for cutscenes).
This is awesome! :-)

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