graphical resolution problem

Tinkering the graphical plugin, i didnt saw any REAL melioration of my game video's quality, and even worse, i got some intrusive, obnoxious ... things (sorry, i cant really tell it in english, mine being... pretty bad).

Well, as example, the play station 2 logo get some raimbow-like underlining. And lot of my texts get little lines under some letters...


- Am i doomed to use the native graphic quality, at least, for this game? (this game being la pucelle: tactics (and yeah, i'm french and reading those nouns is (crap, i should be sleepin' nao) a hard price to pay to play a tactical ^^)) + haven't tried (same) any other game till now.

- Cant my graphic card handle such graphic resolution? (the GPU is a HD 5770 so i feel so-so about this)

- Does it have another reason?

I would really be happy if you could tell me what to do to profit of some quality enhancement while not suffering from those graphic bugs.


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AFAIK, la pucelle tactics is a 2D Game.
enhancing internal res won't change much things apart from producing graphical glitches.
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Ok thx a lot.

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