graphics lag in cutscenes
My problem is that an upper portion of the video in cutscenes appears to lag behind the rest of the video. I have an example screen I took as an attachment. I've fiddled with refresh rates on both the program and my monitor to no avail, and I tried different graphics plugins. I want to know if this is a hardware, software, or emulator issue, and the best way to fix it. I'm hoping there is some magic option I'm missing that will handle it, or some (relatively) easy fix.

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This is normal for some games, don't remember for this one. Try running the game with a software renderer in GSdx (can switch while playing with F9).
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Hmm, I remember there were such issues before i "fixed" the VIF interrupt timing.
If you can, try to run this on a recent svn build. If not, just wait a while longer for a new official release.

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