graphics plugin
When I tried to run a game on pcsx2, it said "the GS plugin failed to open/initialize"
Could that mean my graphics card doesn't support pixel shaders 2? If so, is there a graphics plugin that doesn't require this?

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It can mean:
1.Your card doesn't support Pixel Shader 2
2.Your directx version is old.
3.You're running pcsx2 using 256bit color mode(properties=>compatibility)

There are GSdx and ZeroGS(maybe,I'm not sure about ZeroGS) version that doesn't require Pixel Shader but:
1.If card doesn't support it the it means is really old and will be almost useless for pcsx2
2.Those plugins that doesn't require Pixel Shader 2 are REALLY old and the compatibility and speed is a lot worse compared to the current ones.
That wouldn't be a problem if it didn't take so dang long to set the whole thing up on another computer >.<
...but the other option would just be to buy a new graphics card, right?
what graphics card you have? Smile
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