graphics suggestions
hello guys.. so im having a bit of trouble in my game.. its quite lagging..

so after starting the game the "playstation" appears then the audio begins to lag,
im playing harvest moon a wonderful life.. i think its PAL cause i have 50fps.. is there an NTSC(is this correct? ahah) i read that it has 60fps.

so heres my specs:
AMD A10 6790k, 4.0ghz base speed
4gb kingston HyperX Fury ram
and an onboard graphics card ahahah- AMD Radeon HD 8670D
windows 7 64bit

any ideas on what settings i should pick on my GS direct3D9 or 3D11..
i tried the 3D11 and thats where i experienced the audio lag.. thanks guys

also any advice on the speedhacks?

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another detail is...

fps 60..
EE 48-55%max
GS 50%
VU 40%
UI 0-3%

the audio isnt lagging anymore nor the game, but my movements seems to be in matrix(slow motion) ahaha help please HELP!!
ok its fixed!!! i disabled speedhacks and the game went smoothly...

i suggest not using speedhacks aahha thanks to myself ^^
Regarding this :
Quote:fyi,, i dont have my playstation 2 anymore and the cd's i sold it a long time ago, but i just want to play harvest moon a wonderful life
I think I'll close this thread
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