gsdx 0.1.15 graphics problem
hi just wondering but most games i play on the pcsx2 emulator
some are ok and some there eiver black or glitches or different colours
and wondering when a new gsdx plugin comeing out been well over
a month now

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Use the betas for now. They're stable enough in my opinion.
Oh, and don't do that asking for a new release thing. Everyone hates it Wink
hello rama soz dude i am useing latest beta pcsx2 1668 but the
games i try still same thing
his my specs
amd athlon dual core 7850 2.9ghz
windows xp service pack 3
2 gig of ram
geforce 9400 gt 512mb of ram
500 gig sata 2 hardrive
Latest version can be found here:
the gsdx plugin dont work i get a error
What games did you try?
(08-22-2009, 10:59 PM)david32 Wrote: the gsdx plugin dont work i get a error

Get the redistributable at the top of that page as well.
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