gsdx 5334
So I am trying to play romance of the three kingdoms 9 and I am having issues with the text and the colorations is off but I have read that using pcsx2 1.00 and gsdx 5443 will fix this issue where can I get the plugign for gsdx 5334

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I think you read wrong, If you are going to play this game use the 1.0.0 release of GSDX with the newest version of PCSX2, that should work fine.
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Well I will try that but my question is where can I find gsdx 5334 I can't seem to find it anywhere
It's inside the pcsx2 1.0.0 binary and the installer.
The file name may contains 5350 in the name but it's actually 5334
ok thanks
I am having the same issue as op with this game. I have tried adjusting several different settings and have not been able to correct the coloring or texts. I am not familiar enough with pcsx2 yet to know what the original replies are talking about. Can anyone help me?
according to Ref , stable build should fix the issue. get it here:
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