gsdx9 not working
hello i am using win7 64 bit and i have direct x 11 installed. but when try to open pcsx2 it says i have to update to direct x 9! i have dx 11 and now i have to install previous dx 9 .please help me with this gs plugin or how to use it direct x 11.

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Make sure DirectX is completely updated, even with older files.

Download the following DirectX June 2010 redist.

DirectX June 2010 redist

Extract it's contents anywhere (you may delete the files when you're done).
Then run the DXSETUP.exe file among what you extracted.

Once it's finished, download the dxwebsetup.exe and run it for good measure.

DirectX Web Setup
you didn't give my answer i am asking why i need to install direct x 9 . i already have d x11
Because DirectX versions have updates, so even if you have 11 there are updates for 10 and 9, your system has all 3 versions simultaneously.
And try to be a little bit more polite to people who are helping you,
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sorry Bositman, but i think you have not realized me . I am fully grateful to you who give answers to thread . I tried to make it shortcut so i wrote that. ok i will download it . one more question, will this update afeect my dx 11. i am limited internet user .
It may, but in the good way ...
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i want gsdx10 as a plugin(or higher). my pcx2 shows only gsdx9. how to get it?
All you need was said in post #2 of this thread. Except if your graphics card does not support DX10/11
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GSDX requires d3dx11_43.dll to enable DXGI (D3D10/11) modes.
it relies on D3DX9_43.dll presence to determine that the correct DirectX files are installed
These files are NOT included by windows 7 or SP1, they can only be obtained by installing the DirectX June 2010 Re-distributable or newer

If the DXGI modes do not appear in the list once the DirectX runtime is updated, then see

(01-16-2012, 02:01 PM)Bositman Wrote: Except if your graphics card does not support DX10/11


Quote:it says i have to update to direct x 9!

No it doesn't.

9.x is the installer version, not the DirectX version of the redistributable
thanks all of you

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