!!gspx sse4!!

I'm a girl from Belgium who is just starting to play with the psx2.
I realy want to play final fanthasy X.
If i use gsdx sse2 the game can play but the graphics are awfull.
so i try sse3 but it didn't play.
Next plan was ssse3 were the graphics also sucks.
My last shot was sse4 but it don't play. On the screen was the textmessage:
"this CPU does not support sse4.01." and then "error by opening the gs-plugin"
I realy think my laptop was strong enough for this or am i wrong? What else can be wrong???

my computer info:
windows 7 home premium
cpu P6100 2.00GHz
intel graphics media accelerator hd
hdd: 500GB
memory: 4GB
directx: 11 (I think)

Please help i realy give it my best shot

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Your CPU only supports up to SSSE3 so it's no wonder it shows that message, also the SSE version has nothing to do with image quality just performance.

Please post your graphic plugin settings as well as a screenshot of the "awfull graphics" and tell us what you want to enhance so we can try to help you.
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Thx for the efforts


This is the bad image. Like you see you can't see the background wel. I like to see the whole picture like this:


my settings are:
I got it!!!
I'm so happyLaughBiggrin
I got the perfect settings.
The only thing what must be fix is that the game need to play with normal speed without decreasing of the imagequality

the perfect settings for ffx:


again thx a lot for the efforts shadowlady
You seem to be using a very old version of GSdx, try the one included in the latest beta and use a scaling resolution instead of a custom one (2000x2000 is a little weird Tongue2), might help with speed too:
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
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I got the new version and it is working indeed better.
Only the sound didn't match first but i got it somehow to work.
Finding the balance between speed and quality is not easy but i'm very content.Laugh
thank you
About the scaling, 1080x1080 is to be considered, it provides good image and was found to eliminate or reduce many issues with vertical bars with some games.
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