with the new 396 PPr449 pcsx2 everything on volume 1 seems to be working fine except for a few stalls or crashes at some points of the game[either awakening or using items in battle]but so far its been fine for all .hack fans GET IT it tends to be a little laggy [so was the game on the PS2] i have NOT tested volume 2 or 3 so far or the original .hack series so DO NOT ask me about it

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Thank you
very thoughtful to post that ^^
Chicken is not Vegan?


ill be taking any questions you have[provided i can answer them]the only problems are hangs when using items in battle or using awakenings[sometimes only]and a few graphical glitches in avatar battles and a few lines missing on the map[not a big deal]
And what kind of version would that be? That revision number and that name make no sense at all.
You can talk here of svn compiles, provided they are UNMODIFIED svn compiles. That is, compiled directly from our svn and not modified at all.
thats the name of the file[im lazy to put the real name]and no i dont think its modded[i have typically no idea]well anyone who googles it can most probably find it for any other equiries ill try to put down the real name

real nameTongueCSX2 Revision 396 playground 449

note1:i think PPR stands for playground[not sure]
note2:im not sure about the revision since the notepad says its 403 and the file says 396
well with some experimentations with the latest PCSX2 Revision 396 playground 479 the game has been stabilised all previous errors except graphical glitches have been fixed and the speed have been somewhat increased

ill give a screenie about the file[i didnt compile it so i dont know if its been modified well the guy said he didnt know how to mod it but only compile it]

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Weird, it didn't run for me in r457. Crashes right in the first battle from the little starting "tutorial".
OK, I now know where you got those files. Just a word about those. They guy of that site distributes both files which are (I think) just normal compiles, and files which are hacked versions (those Hc3 and IPU files for example...). We will not, ever, support or answer to question regarding hacked versions.

Also, that 396 number in the filename is a nonsense, it's confusing and it's even wrong. I'll try to contact the guy and ask him at least to remove that confusing name.

That said, you personally did nothing wrong as there is nothing in our policy regarding a case like this one. So don't worry, but be sure not to use hacked versions when talking in here, thanks.
(12-26-2008, 05:02 AM)stpdrgstr Wrote: Weird, it didn't run for me in r457. Crashes right in the first battle from the little starting "tutorial".

try using the one stated in my picture there are somethings in the versions that are changed and im probably not aware[i already dont know what causes the trouble with .hack and the emulator]
Well, you have a LOT in your picture Tongue2. What one?

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