That game works fine but theres one slight problem.

I am using default settings atm.

I am using the latest beta and the latest plugins.

My pc specs are:

2.8 GHz Dual Core proccessor
9600 NVIDIA GT graphics card.

Sometimes when i play, i get a crash upon using a skill, it rarely happened at the start of the game, but now, the crashes are more often and annoying, can you help me? Thanks Smile

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I used peops SPU2 for G.U. it seems to work best (as of when I last checked)
I was at the semi-finals of the arena match and after a long and hard match against them i got her to 50 hp and then used a skill and the PCSX 2 crashed, i was going to smash up my mouse but i held back Tongue

Thats just how annoying it is Smile
on which volume? I haven't played through much yet, I need to get working on vol 2 again
Volume 1, Rebirth.
use ZeroSPU2, that will work fine. I BEAT Vol 1 with ZeroSPU2 on
Thanks, ill try it out in the final match since its very important and difficult and skills are a must.

Off Topic: What lvl do you reccomend that i should be before facing him?
I don't recall what level you could be up to normally.. but high 30s should suffice, if you can fight like I can.
Its Kuhn, at the part where he says "ill teach him the true powers of an avatar" or something.

You remember now?
haven't played GU since the playground days to be honest. but Kuhn wasn't much of an issue for me when using scythe, the movements were predictable.

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