.hack G.U.//Terminal
I am a fan of dot hack series. There is this new game for PSP coming soon, .hack//Link, which involves all other previous games, animes, mangas and novels. Thats why I wanted to remind myself what happened in the story of the games.
Since recently I lack time I wanted to do this by watching movies in the terminal disc added to first part of G.U. series.
That's where trouble starts. The sound in the movies is horrible. There is this noise with every louder original sound. And the worst thing is it hangs sometimes in the middle of the movie and since the movies are long I can't try over and over again... I'm still not sure if they hang at exact spot every time or not... First time I noticed is about 7-10 min of first movie file.
I tried different configurations of sound plugins, CPU, speed hacks to repair the sound. Nothing helped. I didn't try anything in particular for the movies though. I don't have time for this...

Please help. Is it so hard to play movies form this??

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