.hack//G.U black background
well I started playing .hack//G.U. Rebirth, the cutscenes work fine and now big slowdowns, but when I arrived in town (first time) my screen looks like this

[Image: dzggzp.jpg]

Direct3D9 (Hardware)
Pixel Shader 2.0
Interlacing: None

CPU all selected and Frame Limiting at Limit

Speedhacks. Use x2 Cycle Rate
INTC Sync Hack
Enable IOP x2 Cycle Rate
Waitcycles Sync Hack
Iddle Loop Fast-Forward

AMD Anthlon ™ 64 X2 Dual
Core Processor 4200+
2.21 GHz, 1,00 GB RAM
Radeon X1600 Series

I can play other games normally (like Persona 4, hack//infection, Dark Cloud 2 and some more)(after some help and looking through threads here) and tried looking for something of .hack//G.U, and didn't find anything really helpful

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I get no black screen at all with "latest GDSX rev" and "latest PCSX2 BETA". They only problem I faced is slow on Menu, Dungeon Map and battle (all of this consume 95% and above my GPU). Regarding the full FPS your CPU still not very enough though (my personal opinion). You can get some speed with VU cycle Stealing hack.

Dx10 (Hardware) [all box checked]
well from what I know Dx10 is only for Windows Vista or am I wrong???

I think only solution might really be getting a new PC XD
Dx10 is only for Vista+, yes.
dx10 shouldnt make that much of a difference in this case, just make sure you have logarithmic z ticked, everything else should be irrelivant. Software mode DX9 will give the same effect as directx 10, just obviously slower and no internal resolution options.
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funny thing, yep, the game runs slighty better with the settings you gave me, but still black spots (and need to guess where the road goes XD)

funny things is, is now other games run better, thx for the help ^^
"You can get some speed with VU cycle Stealing hack."

Don't do this. This speed hack has negative effects with these games, such as in-game slowdowns. At "moderated" the problems start. It's better to use the first microVU speedhack and nothing else, everything else does nothing/slowdowns the game.

Delete al the inis folder and reconfigure, something's ***** up there, or maybe your GPU is too weak to even load everything right.

Regarding speed, you won't get enjoyable speeds with that setup, this game needs a very good computer and still won't be 60 fps EVERYWHERE, in mine, [email protected] ghz, hd4870, 2gb ram, vista, DX10 some places still get very slow, for example, too much monsters on-screen, BIG-ASS monsters, abuse of frame buffer, etc. If you get slowdowns at these relatively simple scenes, I'm afraid you're out of luck. Better play it in your PS2 or you wont have fun.
Sorry to Hijack thread, But I too am having a similar problem even with "logarithmic z" ticked.

AMD Athlon 62 X2 Dual
Core Processor 6000+
3 Ghz, 3 Gig of Ram.
NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT

GDdx 1476 (MSVC 15.00, SSe2) 0.1.15
Interlacing: None
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Native: Ticked
Direct3D9 (Hardware)

Default Cycle Rate.

Also in CPU Confug, It says my AMD has Features:
MMX, SSE,SSE2, SSE3 - But I cant use SSE3 - Perhaps that would help me get past this black backround Problem?

Any recommendations of guess's of how the problem could be resolved would be much appreciates, since im new to this program.
Your cpu can use SSE3, the problem is GSdx's plugin is SSSE3 and it wouldnt help you anyway as the SSSE3 and SSE4.1 are meant for speed only :P
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
(07-29-2009, 08:41 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: Your cpu can use SSE3, the problem is GSdx's plugin is SSSE3 and it wouldnt help you anyway as the SSSE3 and SSE4.1 are meant for speed only Tongue

Yeah I did further studying into that and found that fact out yesterday
Sad Pitty SSE3 seems rather useless at the moment. Im going to try to run it on my brothers computer later with a intel chip (That should have be able to run SSSE3 / 4 to see if it gets rid of the black background. But all suggestions from people who have encountered this problem already would be appreciated ^.^

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