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Has anyone found any speedhacks that actually work on this? Is there a "best" version of pcsx2 to play it on? EE and GS numbers are awfully high and I get some slowdown in alot of fights, nothing terrible but ~40frames or so instead of 60.
None of the speedhacks seem to have any effect on the slower portions, maybe 1 frame at best.

Q6600 @ 3.2ghz, 4gb, 4890 Vapor-x 1gb.
0.97 beta client, gsdx r3623.

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If both EE and GS reach ~90-100 it means you need more clock speed in your CPU since almost nothing will help with that GS%, if anything try using Async Synchronizing so the sound isn't that bad.

Show us your settings so we can help better, for now just as guess work I'd say try lowering the clamps and using superVU, and maybe try enabling/disabling "Allow 8-bit textures" in GSdx.
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