.hack GU Vol 1 issue
Immediately after starting the game, there is an issue where I cannot move my character from the starting point. The controller is functioning just fine, as I invited the party members that i need to invite, but the game won't let me move at all.

Os: Windows 7 Pro 64bit
CPU: AMD FX 8320 @ 3.5 GHz
Video Card: Radeon HD 7700

PCSX2 Plugin Settings:
Renderer: Direct3D 11 (HArdware)
Interlacing: Auto
D3D Internal Resolution: 6x native
Enable Shade Boost: unchecked
Hardware Settings
1- texture filtering is checked
2- Allow 8bit textures disabled
3- Enable HW Hacks enabled
Software Settings
Edge anti-aliasing (AA1) is checked.

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Are you sure the D-Pad and the Left Analog are configured.
Also if I remember correctly,they ask you to move the camera which is controlled by the right analog(I think).

Make sure everything is configured.
That was odd, and I do feel quite stupid. I swore i configured the analog sticks when i installed everything, and then when i looked into it, they weren't configured at all. I do feel quite stupid for opening a thread just for that.

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