Hey i have now for several days been trying to make my good old .hack// Infection to work without luck.

I looked though your combitible list and found that it said it was Ingame
(link = http://www.pcsx2.net/compat.php?&c=d&s1=...1&s5=1&p=6)

I then made my game into an ISO without it worked. Then i tryed download the game since it might be my game was damage but that didn't work either.

I tryed some of my other games to see if my settings was correct and they ran perfect with a stable 100% FPS.

when the game crashes it always says this:
and then lots of numbers and letters it repeats it like 100 times.

It happened the same time in all the games.
I startet it and it worked fine no lag nor any problems like that.
when i got to where i click "login" (its a game where you play a game)
then when it is done with the loading screen i get to see the top of the sky and the game crashes.

I really hope that someone here is able to tell me how to make it work because my PS2 broke a couple of weeks ago Sad

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I had the same problem a few months ago but found the culprit soon afterwards. In the speed hacks, set the EE sync hack to x2 cycle rate (or x1.5 cycle rate will be good enough if using 0.9.6 instead of the beta releases). The higher you set it, the lower your chances are of getting a crash from the 3d graphics (or gameplay, not sure which) but hopefully the EE sync doesn't get scaled down any further in future releases without adding additional EE sync hack options.
Well i have been trying with all of the speedhacks and indeed i can get further but it still crashes a few seconds later :/

I have now tryed every single game of the series also the G.U series.

The only game which works is the Terminal disc which isen't a real game but more like a movie.

All the games crashes as soon the loading screen after you click the "login" button is gone.

It works now. I changed tons of things and then when i activated EVERYSINGLE speedhacks it worked! Laugh
You just didn't use 0.9.6... They work perfectly fine there, and with that I mean ALL of them, excluding fragment, read my post in the screenshots thread. If you set any EE Sync hack in the original .hack games, you'll get internal slowdowns at the most impresive cutscenes, so, don't.

Now, if you want the last rev to work with them, that's another thing. I haven't tested 13xx revs by now, so I don't know.
I have now complete the first 3 games with all the speedhacks activated and the cut scenes didn't lag. And yes i do use the 0.9.6.

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