.hack//Infection Graphic Issue
Hello all, first post here. Nice to meet ya.

I'm having a minor issue with graphics in .hack//Infection as the title states. Everything else is working fine, just hoping somebody here can help me out with this little thing.

My issue:
[Image: 2mdp2zn.png]

My settings:
[Image: 2afeer5.png]

My machine:
AMD Phenom X4 3.6GHz
IceQ X Turbo 2GB AMD Radeon HD 7850

As you can see I'm showing a border around any UI or Message Window. I look forward to your response. Need any additional info just let me know. Thanks!

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The line is the result of 4x scaling so there's nothing you can really do. Try to mess with hardware hacks. TC offset could be some help to vanish your line, but I'm pretty sure it will cause another issues. Or try switching to direct3D9. This helped me remove some black and crappy borders in Atelier Iris on my nVidia laptop. (Though it was 2x native)
the issue is from upscaling and the only way to fix it is using native or software mode you could give the tc offset hack a try with different values and see if that helps but it may cause other issues so you are just going to have to either live with it or switch to native and live with the worse graphics. So not much you can do and the tc offset hack is on the newer svns
Thanks for the replies. I'll have to download the new version and give that a try. I'd rather live with the lines before settling for bad graphics haha. So ill give that a try and let you know how it works out. Thanks again!

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