.hack//Infection - Random slowdowns

Intel i5 750 @ stock
4GB DDR3 1600
Radeon HD 6850

I'm using a fresh install of 0.9.8 r4600 with default settings (except changed to SSE4.1). The game is a NTSC ISO.


The game runs at a perfect 60fps for the most part. The problem is that during conversations (not scripted scenes or pre-rendered scenes, only conversations where I can press X to advance the dialog) the framerate will suddenly drop to 30ish for a second or two, then returns to 60fps. This obviously causes the sound to momentarily distort. It happens about once every minute or two during conversations, usually right when someone is about to say something.

I assumed it was an audio issue, so I tried switching to Direct Sound, which had no effect on the issue. I also tried a couple other Interpolation settings, same result.

Also, there is nothing running in the background that could be causing this.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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mmmm i would say that is maybe the 8-bit textures problem, anyway post ur pcsx2 settings.
Like I said, settings are all default except I changed GSdx to SSE41. But here they are anyways, if it will help:

[Image: UpxWe.png]
[Image: F2VVm.png]
[Image: do2Fs.png]
[Image: HsWEp.png]
[Image: YA8nx.png]
[Image: jSo8K.png]
Donwload the last svn from here, activate the 8-bit texture in the gdsx options, maybe u wanna oc a little ur i5 to 3Ghz or more(guess u can go to 3.6 easy with the stock cooler) or u can try the speed hack options, EE to 1-2 and VU to 1.

Tell us if that work.

Edit: With that card u can upscale the game to 2x,3x or 4x w/o any issue(in almost any game)
Well, I downloaded the latest SVN (r5330) and enabled 8-bit textures. I played for about an hour, and the problem seems to be gone, though I'll have to do more thorough testing to be sure. I'll post again if the issue comes back. Thanks for the help.

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