haivng problems with ffxii
i need help for settings for ffxii..i'm having problems with running it on 60fps..
it's mostly 35-50 fps..and goes 60 in small maps..i'm running ffx smoothly but i think ffxii needs better specs..

here's my pc's specs..
CPU: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+, 2600 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series (4650 PCE)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

i'm using PCSX2 0.9.7 (r3878) and my settings are

GSdx 3693 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.16 (gsdx-sse2-r3878)
Renderer: Direct 3D10 (Hardware)
Interlacing: None
D3D internal res: 1024 x 1024
or use scaling: 1x
Hardware Mode Settings:
[ ] Texture filtering [ ] Logarithmic Z
[ ] Allow 8-bit texturing [ ] Alpha Correction

heres a screenshot of me running the game D: hope anyone can help me

sorry for double post of thread..dunno if i post in the right topic thread

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not much else u can do with that spec
all i know is something similar to my setup will run ffxii at fullspeed and thats a core i5 @ 2.8+, 8 gig ram, nvidia gtx470 1280meg
You're gonna have to run it in native resolution if you want 60fps... Get yourself one of the newer graphics card to get 60fps + HD
enabling native resolution in gsdx can help. try all speedhacks, also turn off aero theme while running pcsx2, it does affect cpu performance a bit.
Well, it seems about right that your rig would have some slow downs in larger areas. I think your CPU is to blame, not your GPU. You could try with native resolution, but I'd guess it won't show improvement.

If you're not using Speedhacks though, you should really try the [Recommended] one's at least. Maybe try a little on the EE and/or VU sliders, too. Speedhacks will help if you CPU is slow/old (in your case, a little of both Smile).
native will most likely keep 60fps, I get 60 in most areas myself.
turning aero off will not make any difference
thanks for the suggestions..i'm using speed hacks, and i tried using native resolution..still runnin slow on some parts..maybe i really need to upgrade my rig,

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