has anyone get the chance to play 24:The Game
y'know the new season just came out and i'm really frustrated not being able the play this game while i even have the game but my ps2 is damaged

i used to try it on my AMD cpus, i once had 8150, then i switched to 8350 but none of those could work it out, all had a drop in frame rate badly

its quite some times, i bought 4770k and switched from 7970 to gtx 780 direct u ii

i've 12gb ram
and hyper 212
z87 sabertooth

still the game lags and i heard its just the emulator that cant handle it
is there possible that other emulators handle this game?
thanks for replying

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As listed here: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-24-The-Ga...8-U--29512

the game is known to run very slowly and there isn't much you can do about it.
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thanks, what about other emulators? worth the try?
In principle there are no other emulators. (at least not on the same level as pcsx2)
does the bios effect the emulator? for example the region of the bios japan or europe or the number
only in very rare cases. But I think problems occur in terms of missing compatibility (and hence crashes) not in terms of slowdowns.

What are your fps btw?
20 to 25, i've spent a long time tweaking all the settings of this emulator to no avail, at first it was full of bugs and the best setting i could find just get rid of those bugs but the frame rate is still the same
y'know the only reason i want to play this game is most of the casts are still alive lol
i've got two other emulators

donno if they're safe to use or not
Well hpsx64 has some nice features but to my knowledge it only runs a couple of games if at all. Probably one should not talk about speed. The other one I dont know but if I look on that version number....0.08... I think the developers are not quite confident about their status since everything below 1.0 is normally beta-like. And it seems to me they plan to include a lot more before they escape the beta-hell.

I assume you used all speedhack combinations and nothing was helping.
Then some strange ways to improve:

Haye you tried the superVU recompiler? Setting rounding and clamping to none or nearest?
You can also try to set your base frame rate (in one of those ini's in the ini folder) from 59.9x (NTSC) or 50 (PAL) to half -> 29.9x (NTSC) 25 (PAL) and use the turbo-mode (toggable with tab). Some guys said that this can increase the final framerate a bit.
In one of the ini's is also the slider unlocked for vu cycle stealing. Somebody achieved nice results in kingdom hearts using vu cycle stealing above the gui-limit of 3 (something like 4 or 5). But it is very probably that you get new problems.

Play around with supx-2 setting (everything on low performance). Instead of timestreatch use the async-mode to get better sound.

Actually I should have asked this first: Do you see any differences between hardware and software mode of gsdx (toggling F9). Increase number of threads accordingly to you cpu and the final fps for software emulation.
thank you these are great info, need time to process them, i'll tell you the results in the end
thanks again
i just noticed the frame rate is constantly in 60 or 59 and i suppose thats sth we call OK
but still there's lag in some part of the game where things get busy y'know
in other parts where there are less busy its very smooth and even if i change the native to x6 it gets better but still there's this lag i think

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