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has anyone tried fatal frame II?
I was wondering if this game works with the latest emulator , i saw it at ebay at good price and was excited on playing a very good horror game.

[Image: fatal_frame_ii_-_crimson_butterfly6.jpg]

here's some info about it Fatal Frame II

maybe with the new versions may be playable Laugh.

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Afaik it still unplayable. Black screen after New Game selection.
Not playable, same as part 3. Only the first of these is playable currently.
is it only the FMVs or something more so i could skip that perhaps? oh what am i saying it will ruin the game not to see those videos :/ , recommendation on another very good horror game that is playable on the emulator so i can check back at ebay...
No, no way it's going to work. Resident Evil 4 is said to be good, Silent Hill 4 wasn't bad both completely playable in PCSX2
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Also you could buy Silent Hill 2 and 3 for PC DVD. Should be cheap by now, old games.
Silent Hill 2 or 3 and even 4 are playable on Pcsx2 Smile
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Resident Evil 4 is wonderful for the pcsx2. I run at high res with 2xaa with full speed at all times.
oh you guys have to be kidding me i got resident evil 4 for pc and it was the most horrendous console to pc adaptation i saw in my entire life , the game was fantastic but i woulda have played it on the pcsx2 just didnt know it was compatible by now!

also played Silent Hill 4 it was scary but lacked something i dont know...(big fogy city?) anyway just played 1 and 4 gonna try 2 or maybe 3 i saw a combo of 2 and 3, wow becoming a pc gamer wasnt so much of a waste now that my burned out ps2 can be put to use here Laugh
SH 2 and 3 are the best Wink

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