have some files in root directory do i need them?
i have been useing pcsx2 on my laptop for some time now, but over the years iv collected quite a collection of files in the root folder, the "d3dx..." files i removed them to the desktop and pcsx2 still seems to work (playground 590), i think i had to use them for GSDX to work, but i cant remember ,do i actualy need them? i was getting abuot 120% on FF before and after the removeal of these files, is there anything else i dont need in there that could potentialy effect the performance of pcsx2?
[Image: files.jpg]

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PCSX2pg works without the d3d files, the older builds had included them yet am sure they weren't necessary in the folder.. only windows/system32 or /syswow64, i could be wrong.. gsdx may well have required them there specifically.

Anyway, as long as you've installed the latest D3D then ya good2go. Ninja
What you should do is redownload the playground and then move your plugins, states, bios, memory cards in there and deleate the new directry then add the new beta and remove the ini files from the INI folder.
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