haveing problems reading iso
hey im having problem with this program reading my iso so i decited to mount them using alcohol 120 but that only gets me to the brows or system configuration ps2 screen and then all i c is the memory cards no game so please help ty

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Did you change the plugin so it reads from your mounted drive?
(02-07-2009, 11:04 PM)dralor Wrote: Did you change the plugin so it reads from your mounted drive?

yes i did but it can not focus purely on the disc i then have to go into the disc and select the xxxxxx.img wich then sends me to the pre game ps2 screen and not agnoleging that there is a disc
just to add some thing the bios and ect i have gotten are used for europe does that make a differece when useing an iso?
no, you just might have wrong config. are you clicking "file->run cd/dvd" instead of "run->execute".
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
Did you go to the Cd/dvd Configure window and tell it to look at "Insert Drive letter Alcohol added"????? Other then That May try Daemon Tools Lite, Works PERFECTLY For me....
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