having trouble with the ffx2 editor
I just got the ffx2 save editor v1.03. Yet when I try to open up my saves in the memory card files, the editor does not see the files. I looked at the forums and it said to convert the files to .raw, but I have no idea how to do that. Tried to look into it but got completely lost.

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I'll assume you're using Linux so I'll give it a shot...

In order to use RAW files, you first need to extract the save with MyMC. Then use MemcardRex to extract the RAW file from your save game (runs in Wine). It should look like BASLUS???.?? or something similar. Then use the save editor as you see fit (I'm assuming you're using the old java-based version).

To add, you don't have to use RAW. I notice with my distro, MyMC does not extract the save with an extension. Simply rename the file with a .psu extension. The FFX2 editor 'should' be able to be fine with that.

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