having troubles making a pnach file for GT4
hey all
the bugged GT4 licenses tests was annoying me (even with the switch EE to interpreter trick) and i looked into maybe just cheating past all the licenses so i wont be as annoyed with it and i came across these "pnatch" codes

i really dont understand how it all works but i gave it a try anyways but it just crashes the game so i guessing i have done something wrong

could someone just show me the text to put into my pnach file?

this is what i did

downloaded "CB2crypt"
got some codebreaker codes to get all licenses here GT4 cheat codes

Quote:All Licenses and Coffee Breaks - Gold (All Licenses & Cars Awarded)
40A205F4 00550001
0000F991 00000000

converted the codes with "CB2crypt" to raw
the output had this information
Quote:4A167736 B2C9A2F2
0AEE74E2 00000000

got the gametitle information from the console "Gran Turismo 4 [ScUS 97328] (U) [77E61C8A]"
created a file called "77E61C8A.pnach"
put this into the file
Quote:gametitle=Gran Turismo 4 [ScUS 97328] (U) [77E61C8A]

and it just crashes Sad

could someone please just give me the text to put in the pnach file? i just want to get past the damn licenses without having to constantly switch the EE to interpreter

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Your code should be like this:
gametitle=Gran Turismo 4 [SCUS_973.28] [77E61C8A]

This codes will give you all gold Licences with awards.
If you got these codes from gtplanet.net, then you don't have to decrypt them to RAW. Just copy and paste them.
wow thank you very much thats just what i needed
I want all licenses as well. I made a pnatch file exactly like f0d did. Log sees the pnatch file but loads 0 cheats. I copied KamcioGT's codes from here. Is there an enable code that im missing?
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