heavy cpu load
i'm trying to emulate FFX, but it seems that my cpu is doing all of the rendering (100% load) and my graphics card (overclocked ATI 2400) does almost nothing (20 % load). is there a way that i can make my graphics card do the 3d rendering?

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Direct3D 10 mode puts more use on the CPU so that's part of it. Specs of your CPU are necessary for any real advice/help.
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i have an intel 1.8Ghz. dual core processor, 2GB of memory, overclocked ATI 2400 256Mb graphics card with a core clock of 830 and a memory clock of 590, 7,200 rpm hdd.

hope thats enough info.
That's normal. The GPU doesn't offload more than the graphics rendering, the emulation itself is incredibly CPU intensive.
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