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hel pabout the downloads
how do i open the zipped files in the download, it uses a .7z format, i have 7zip program but it cannot be pls....thanks for replies

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You mean the pcsx2 setup? Just open it with winrar or winzip. What error do you get exactly?
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if i use winrar i give the message

"DTonguelugins-11-March-2010.7z: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

is i use 7-zip

"can not open file 'DTonguelugins-11-March-2010.7z' as archive

i downloaded it 3 times and i still get the same error
Also try downloading it again with a download manager or another browser if possible.
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Works fine here. Either update your 7-zip, or Winrar or whatever program you have fails.
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