im new at this i made once a threared but it didnt help me a lot.
i have severl games that i want to play on my pc
so if you can tell me what is the best virsion for me and the best configration i would apriciate it
here is my cpu:
windows 7 32 bit
amd athlon 64 x2 duak core 4200+ 2.2 ghz
2gb ram
nvidia gfore 9600 gt
look i really tries youtube gudes and searched the net i cant run it proporrley please please pleaseeeeee help me im beggin you.

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1 - you never described your exact problem
2 - the version you're looking for is the latest official beta, available in the downloads section
3 - you never told us which game you're trying to run.

provide all those info, post screenshots to help us understand exactly, and we'll be able to help you better.
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amm ok sorry
so the problem is basiclly that the games are slow
they are working but very slow
the games im trying to run are:
final fantasy x2
castlevania curse of darkness
they all working but very slow
so i thought maybe theres something worng in my configration because i think my pc shuold run it good..no?
Your Cpu is very slow for Pcsx2. What you can do is get the latest beta as said above and try out some speedhacks. Just remember that speedhacks dont work well with all games so you will need to experiment a little.
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