I downloaded PCSX 0.9.6
I have Final Fantasy XII on DVD. Now, when i push File and then Run CD/DVD and press FINAL_FANTASY_12 (E there are two files:
PAD2 map and IOPRP300 (image file). When I doubble click on it, it starts to loading about 5-6 seconds, and then i only see PS2 menu, there is Browser and System Configuration!
Please, can somebody help my with this problem.
My configuration is:
AMD Athlon X2 3800+
Nvidia 8600 GT
2gb ram
P.S. Administrator, i'm sorry for previous Topic, it want happen again

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Configure your CD/dvd plugin to point to the DVD drive which contains the DVD.
I would suggest you to use an ISO image made from your dvd as it would give you better speed.
Can you please tell me which CDVDROM plugin shoud I use, and what shoud I put in configuration of CDVDROM
you can use either Gigahertz or Gabest's cd/dvd plugin.
Also checkout the guide at on how to configure them and the rest of the emulator properly.
a previous post from kaiser was locked because he had downloaded bios Wacko dont think he should be given help
Read the configuration guide. Stop making topics on stuff that is covered elsewhere.
Thanks whery much, Redlof, yes, i changed cdvdrom and now game is working. And to Mooshab, you dont realy know the meaning of word GAMERS, who help each other.
I dont get it in my mind, some people never read and learn about the rules and policy in the forum. He act as if he proud about his dull acting (downloading ps2 bios) and innocent stupidity from his comment and pretend to seek some help to another member.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
I know the meaning of what it is to be a gamer, doesnt need someone like you to tell me when you feel its apropriate to download bios illegally when you should be getting them from your own PS2.

As register clearly pointed out, you clearly havent read the rules/policies regarding the forums and its obvious by your previous thread being locked on the same subject this one is.
You shouldnt be getting any help, simple as that.

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