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hi all,
i use pcsx2 0.9.6 to play naruto ultimate ninja 2 ps2 but it very slow anyone can tell me the setting to make it fast?
my system:
dell inspiron 1525
intel core 2 duo cpu t5850 2.15Ghz (2CPUs),~2.2GHz
ram 2038mb
window vista home premium (6.0, build 6002)
display mobile intel 965 Express chipset family 358mb internal
display mode 1280*800(32bit)(60Hz)

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(08-20-2009, 05:17 AM)sopheakjx2 Wrote: intel core 2 duo cpu t5850 2.15Ghz (2CPUs),~2.2GHz---Fair
ram 2038mb----Good
window vista home premium (6.0, build 6002)---Fair
display mobile intel 965 Express chipset family 358mb internal---Too Weak
display mode 1280*800(32bit)(60Hz)---n/a

don't expect good speed because of the built-in GPU
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now i still play the game but still slow and it work well but the sound hear like a cow
Your CPU is a little on the slow side for 3d games (generally, 3-3.5ghz processors are recommended for getting full speed most of the times in 3D games) and your built in graphics could also be having an effect. In GSDx, click "native res" and see if that doesn't give any better results.
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it's mainly the gpu, intel runs everything slow as heck. a newer gpu and that would probab;t run well.

@tallbender: please explain how you mark vista as "fair" (im is fine) with dx10 it's faster than xp, but 7 beats it still, I'm just wondering why you rated it such
its video slow when i combat but the movie not slow and slow when they speak to each other. that my system or what?
yes, your gpu is VERY weak
oh thx all
one more thing why when i change graphic to dx10 (hardware) when i play it show only black screen??
Your GPU is at fault again, I don't think it will properly work in DX10 mode.
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