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[help?] Digimon Rumble Arena 2 - Strange bottom half screen distortion
Well if that PAL version you have is ok, then maybe wait untill Shadow Lady sees it, maybe she just couldn't test it on PAL version previously, can't even see PAL version in compatibility list althrough that list is quite outdated at times:].
Edit: what is your game CRC?(can find it in pcsx2 log after running:]) Couse the fix is applied only to 0x568A5C78 and 0x785E22BB.

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I think it's 0x4C5CE4C3

yeah, for the sake of gaming and impatience, I'm leeching the NTSC xD
but it'll take quite some time Smile

YES indeed it has to be NTSC, thank you for the replies Laugh

though it's a bit laggy when played with more than 2 players.I'm using the balanced preset, the more aggresive maybe just a bit faster. but still laggy Sad
I'll add that new CRC soonish (if nobody else does Tongue2).

Warned for piracy...
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(07-24-2011, 06:51 AM)Audra Wrote: Ahhh you're a legend, thanks a heap! Laugh

Wait so how can I use this to fix the game? Sorry I'm quite the noob ahaha

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