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I am having some trouble with my graphic configuration, some games looks very strange with random lights or Transparency.

what can i do?

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What happens if you press F9?

The horizontal lines look like shaders. I think you can toggle/switch them by using F7.
Nothing happends.
Can you reproduce the red light easily?
Which games have you tried?
Which version do you use?
Do you use any non-default settings?

Please post the emulog after you observed this glitches.
I've tried Saint Seiya Sanctuary Chapter and Musashi, im using 1.2.1, i think im using all default settings.

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musashi->no other way than using software mode, sorry.
saint seya->what is the problem exactly ?

Did you try using DX11 renderer instead of dx9 ?
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(12-01-2014, 01:09 AM)warriorxz Wrote: games looks very strange with random lights or Transparency.
try alpha stencil in Hw hacks in gsdx settings.
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