help Regarding hardware
So basically my Q8300 is seriously sucking for PCSX2 >.>, And i was wondering what Processor would be good for my Computer, I've been told an E5800 Is good, but is that good in the long run? because i just bought my Q8300 last December (and yeah I really am starting to hate it because you know It's having a hard time with PCSX2)

and Could someone recommend me Good brand of RAM And probably a mid ranged Motherboard that would go well with the E5800 (or whatever you guys recommend)

Man >.> if i buy another set of those might as well buy a new Case huh -_- But yeah my Specs are in my signature so uhm, Just tell me what i should change.
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Big question: What's your budget?
Did you try overclocking your processor before buying a newer one??
maybe you get some good speeds with overclocking along with some speedhacks.
Budget Hmm Not Sure, But around 200.

Ahh overclocking i tried that yesterday but i ended up Clearing up my CMOS (LOL) Although I still need to figure it out, i just followed a guide that said "BEST VALUES" From 2.5 it went up to 3.0ghz but it stops at bios screen, although it would be awesome if i can just OC this and just buy a better Fan, Since I'm currently using a stock one, haven't had the chance to purchase the V7

I can play majority of the Games on 60fps but there are some games that actually require alot of Speed, SRW OG/Suikoden 5/Tales of Abyss.

Haha PCSX2 got me excited because i can use my PS2 games that have been cluttering up dust for the past 3 years now (Bought a 360 and a ps3) And since my PS2 is Half Dead (Took me 3 hours just to extract my bios) and Use my codebreaker to get all the saves from my memory card, so now its officialy dead and my god i love the PS2, It's probably the Second best Console Trailing from Playstation 1 and just above Dreamcast.
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The stock cooler sucks thats why you cannot get 3.0 GHz.
With some good aftermarket coolers I've seen people reaching 3.2-3.4 GHz easily.
Ahhh True, Figured that would be it.

Yeah Should i just try to first get aftermarket coolers? How bout my RAM are they okay? I'm sorry if this is quite bothersome, But i would like to cut cost if necessary (Going to school this June, Would love to save up more for University classes)
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40.05 FPS - SLUS 20672 - Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 - 2.50 GHz Stock - Chase_Payne

I quoted this from the CPU benchmark thread.

with 3.2/3.4 GHz I guess you would reach 51-55 fps which is not too bad, with some speedhacks you may get 60+.

4 GB ram actually is more than sufficient.
Oh Okay, Yeah I guess i shall invest in some Aftermarket Coolers for the meantime, Thanks.

It's really a pity since the last time i changed my processor i used it for 4 years, I know Processors nowadays are cheap, But its not about money but Rather it's a Waste to purchase newer and newer models just to be in top tier, Ahhh Modern World.

3.4 Ghz do sound like Delicious Cake though i admit that would be one of the "harder" numbers for a Q8300, now if only those extra cores were actually useful.
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Well, you have a nice GPU. I'm assuming your PSU isn't crap, then. You should really be looking into a new CPU+Motherboard. You'll also benefit from DDR3 ram, but a newer CPU arch will benefit you greatly (i.e. 1st gen Core i3 are great and cheap).

Is 1.104v your peak Vcore under load? Like Prime95 or IBT.
BTW whats your current GPU?? you might be GPU bottlenecked as well.
Its all depends on what you currently play, you might not need an upgrade with some oc & some speedhacks.
Just oc your CPU & if the results are not satisfying then go with a newer one.

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