help! "error opening CDVD plugin"
Hi guys! I'm italian, so sorry for my english and sorry if this isn't the correct section! However i have a little problem with PCSX2: i can't use it anymore. I've downloaded it and tryed with success, i have played Final Fantasy X until yesterday, too! But today, when i tryed to play, i saw "error opening CDVD plugin" and i can't understand why yesterday i could and now i can't play... Maybe is because i've loaded another play for mistake (final fantasy x-2), the first time the software starts without problem (with FFx-2) but it did't read the disc (only memory cards), the second time i could see the plugin error with all games! Anyone can help me?

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Which CDVD plugin are you using? Are you running from a DVD disc or an ISO image?
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uh it's an iso image! and i don't know which plugin i'm using cause i've downloaded and configured it a lot of time ago! but if u can tell me how to change plugin or how to optimize pcsx2 i think i will make u a monument! i found only one italian guide to pcsx2 and i understood only half of it Glare
Use "Linuz ISO" as ISO plugin and make sure your ISO image is NOT mounted or used in any other external program.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
ok i set it to linux iso cdvd 0.9.0 (before that it was on gigahertz's cdvd plugin 0.7.0), but now, when i try to play, i see "error loading C:\users\simone\downloads\FINAL_FANTASY_X.ISO, and after that the plugin error again...

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