help ff12 pcsx config and my system
amd 64 dual core 3.2gz
8 gb ram
GeForce 9800 gtx + 1gb

im sure this is more then enough to run most game but iv just been having trouble getting this to run smoothly no matter what i do it always runs at 20 tp 40 fps but i am at the beginning of the game doe sit get smoother with time or what but idk give me some examples of your guys configs that run good here mine for the plug ins

[Image: pcsxconfig.jpg]

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get the newer gsdx plugin in this same subforum
Quote:im sure this is more then enough to run most game
You're very wrong,actually it's the opposite. It's not enough to run MOST games. Your GPU will handle any game fine but your processor is really slow for PCSX2. If you read the FAQ you'd know
[Image: newsig.jpg]
A 3.2ghz dual core processor isn't enough to run most games? Odd because I can run most games fine with my 2.8ghz dual core...

That said, FF12 is a pretty demanding game... especially in cutscenes. It's definitely recommended you try the latest beta (1474 which you can grab from the thread in the general forum).

The only other advice I can give is to play around with speed hacks, run the game at native resolution, and set clamp mode to none.
Oh actually read Athlon 64 there which is not even dual core...wonder why people keep sticking that 64 on the processor names.
Is it an Athlon X2 6400+? Which model exactly? Still Athlons are quite slower clock to clock than their core 2 duo counterparts (newer phenoms are not though) so an athlon x2 at 3,2 ghz will perform close to a core 2 duo at 2,6 ghz.

Still,if it is an Athlon X2 that is, it should be enough (or at least close to enough) for good speeds in FFXII. Try making an iso image of your disc and running it with linuz iso. Also get the latest PCSX2 beta and GSdx beta and try again
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yes you need Core 2 duo and i think intel core 2 duo much better.
but if you use lastest beta with some speedhacks maybe you can get 60 fps
Bositman: The original X2's were branded Athlon 64 x2 up untill the newer brisbane releases. The 64 was dropped after the first year or so since 64-bit was no longer a selling point and it simplified the name.

It seems the name has still stuck despite that change.
Linux distributions still acrry the AMD64 tags for 64bit, and I386 for 32bit. the 64 tag has become a standard to many people.
What I mean is it gives 0 info about the actual processor so it's useless Tongue It could have been useful back in 2000 when the first 64bit processors emerged but since like 5 years or so all processors have 64bit instruction support.
Anyway getting off-topic, let's wait for the OP to reply
[Image: newsig.jpg]
ok ill give all that a try thank you guys il come back with a report on how it did : )

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