help kinda new
i been reading and trying to find help from sites and forums but none to seem to have my answer i put my bios in the folder and i set my directories to the folders but all i see is blank in the bio scrollbox nothing ever shows up i follow tuts on configurations but nothing. image here
and the iso is naruto accel 2 i used decrypter to make it an iso but i didnt change the name

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did you click on set bios directory? Smile
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
Wait, those two files aren't bios files >.>. They are game iso's. You need to rip the bios from your PS2.
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yes i set the bio directory and w8 dont get mad but i thought the iso was the point of a bio so there 2 different things?
Iso that you have is the image of a game.... The bios is a file that the emulator uses to reproduce the PS2 environment... Yes, obviously, they're 2 different things... I recommend going through the Guide again...
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ok i got it now wow i feel dumb thx

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