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I have windows 7 instaled and after I configure pcsx2 and try to start a game, when it sets the frame limit, the pcsx2 is not responding anymore, and i closes. What can I do?

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update your directx ?
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A lot of people have had problems running stable in windows 7. Try upgrading to the latest beta (revision 1888) from the download section. You may need to update your directX to the august redistribution but it should work fine.
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Did this error happen after you first tried to start it up or after you configured something?

If you configured something, Its possible you selected something that doesn't support your pc. I did that just for the heck of it and I couldn't start it back up until I reinstalled it.

EDIT: yea, you configured something from what you said. What did you configure?
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directx is updated to he latest version and windows the same and still not working

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