help me (Kamen Rider Kabuto)
i was happy that the latest version could emulate Kamen Rider Kabuto. In previous release, it could only emulate menu, background, sound but not character.

pcsx 0.9.6 make the game playable and i can see the characthers being emulated. But one thing bothers me, there are too many garbage being emulated at the same time.

Is it because of poor configuration or the hardware or just the emu cannot emulates the game perfectly at this moment?

i am wondering if someone else is experiencing the same thing...

please reply..

this is my system:

Running on Windows Vista Ultimate
Pentium 4 HT 3.6 Ghz
2GB DDR2 Ram
ATi RADEON HD PRO 2600 512mb
Acer X203H

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poor CPU, for sure.
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(06-30-2009, 08:20 PM)rosli_2252 Wrote: ...
Is it because of (...) the hardware or just the emu cannot emulates the game perfectly at this moment?

probably both Tongue
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Take a screenshot of that "garbage", post that here, and we can help a bit more.
i have looked around this forum and i stumble upon beta version of upcoming pcsx. i have downloaded it and i have tried..

i am so happy that it emulates the game perfectly without gliches.....
i am very2 happy because of there r no more garbage or missing screens.
it is just not at top fps maybe due to low spec of my pc. Nevertheless i am glad the team improves the emulator.

Thank you very-very much to the team who build and improves this emu, and also to the people who replied to my thread..

Thanks a lot...
That can almost be posted in the Official Thank You thread Tongue:

A note: Your FPS might improve by playing around with the speed hacks, especially VU Cycle Stealing available in the latest public beta. However a value above moderate might show some garbage or in other ways screw with the graphics.

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