help me plzzz.... (>.<)
im playing a game called hack infection
it works just fine only right at the start but when i actually log in the world, it crashes

in the the ps2 output it says:

vtbl miss = addr 0x40, mode 0

does anyone know what the problem is?? can anyone help me plzzz...

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In config > cpu tick the 2 micro VU checkboxes.
apparently those two are already ticked T.T
Do you have the pcsx2 0.9.6 version or the 1888 beta? Smile
0.9.6 does not have microVU to tick. chronoz are you SURE microVU is ticked and not just VU0rec and VU1rec?
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Under PCSX2 0.9.6, in the Config > CPU section, uncheck the 'EERec' option. It runs pretty slow on my x64 (~15 fps), but it runs.

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