help me with my problem
when i select the game from iso selector then run cdvd then it loads when the game starts i think it cant find memory card 1 because its japanse but theres memory card then 1 if you need screen shot ill post it thanks in advance

and how can i make it faster when loading because when i run it its slow even the sound what should i change? thanks

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Most likely the error is that it can't find a save for the game on the memory card (the first time you load the game it shouldn't have any save on the memory card) Or it could be like some others games I've played that give an error like sound and say they are loading the memory card (get that for generations of CE). If you want you can post a picture on that and I can tell you what it says.

As for your general speed issues, without any information on which game it is, what your system specs are, and what versions of pcsx2 (and settings) you're using its hard to give any real information on it.
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heres my error

what is the best config of emulation,video,audio like all pc can play? like the lowest quality but fast?
for video -> use gsdx with "native" enabled (and use hardware mode, use direct3D10 hardware if you're running on 7/vista with your directx 10 or compliant/higher)
audio -> choose "nearest" for interpolation
emulation options ->..try to enable speedhacks (WARNING. this feature could potentially cause false FPS reading, buggy game's videos/images, stuttering audio, etc) so try to experiment and choose your own best settings to use.
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oh ok thanks but what about this error
I'm not sure about the Japanese text, but if it show something related to MC on your first run,
most likely the MC need to get formatted first before you can continue to the game. Or it get corrupted.

Select the right option, 'はい', if the memory card is still new.
It says "There is no memory card save data for this game, would you like to create it?" paraphrased of course. As Meganova says, the 2 character word is "hai" or "yes". The 3 character word is "iie" or "no".
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oh so what should i do? sorry i dont know because im new to this
Well... do you want to create a memory card save? I would assume you do... so click yes (the 2 character word "はい")
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why i cant click yes??

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