help me with settings
ok here is my comp spec:
processor : Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5750 @ 2.00 Ghz
memory RAM: 4 GB
hard desk : 260 GB
graphic memory : 512 MB ati driver

i have pcsx2-beta-1474

i want to run final fantasy X full speed can i do that with my PC and if yes , what r the best plugins and settings Smile

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What's your graphics card?

Best speed would be using GSdx with the "native" checkbox enabled for graphics plugin, for sound plugin check SPU2-X and tick the "Disable Effects Processing" option, in "config > speedhacks" use "x2 cycle rate" and set "VU cycle stealing" to slight, then enable the other speedhacks and make sure the "config > advanced" settings are at their defaults by pressing the default button.

Oh and ofc making a ISO of the game and running it with Linuz ISO cdvd plugin is better.

Even this cant run FFX at full speed all the time tho.
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well u can try running using software dx9..
mine works fine but get crappy framerate using hardware d9..
if u use vista or win7 then u should select dx10..
nway mines gpu is way lower then u n im using a laptop..
can play ffx and ffx-2 smooth but like shadow lady says not all the time..
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