help... pcsx 2 to ps2 save...
ok... first things first.
i have a USB stick, a MC and i dont know if modded... but i think its unmodded ps2 its been too long with me like 4-5 yrs. i dont really touch anything i just put the CD and playWacko... unlike with my PC.. i really love to make experiment with it.. Biggrin
ok... i have a savefile of pcsx 2 and i want to transfer it to my ps2.
i dont know what should i do... i dont have any problem in extracting my save file.. im having a problem about transferring it to my ps2...
ok.. btw... sorry guys.. for asking a dumb question.. but it's my first time on doing this..Mellow
now... what should i do? i'm getting so freaking confused...
can i use ulauncherELF without a CD? like instead of using a CD i will use USB and boot it in my ps2.. and how can i do this.. just list down the instructions.. or just gimme the links..Smile
and if i make a Xploit MC can i use it as a regular MC again?
and.. can i make all of this.. like running ulauncherELF with unmodded ps2?
pls... help me...

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