help please.
i have aproblem while playing soccer games as winning eleven and PES.the game is running good at first then suddenly amessage appear in the background causing the game to pause or become slow for sometime.
I want to know if it is part of the program(pcsx2) or not ,and if not.
how can i disable it
the message is:
issuing EE/ER900-32 recompiler reset [mem structure cleanup]
And thanks in advance.

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I don't get this. Can u post some screenshots regarding the problem ?
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But,can you start it again,and what settings did you set up at cpu and speed hacks?
I don't think the setting have any thing to do with it ,as i tried alot of settings with or without speedhacks and it's the same thing.
and the game doesn't crash or anything it just become slow or pause for some time.this only happen when I'm playing these games.
and here is apicture of the problem Sadthe green colour at the end )
sorry for the bad english.

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What OS do you have (Operating System ) ?
I'm using windows xp sp3 and my specs are:
cpuTongue2entium dual-core e5200 @2.50 GHZ
vga:Gforce 512 8400 gs
Ram: 1 gb DDR2
I just want to add that the game play at very good speed 60 fps then while I'm playing it pause for some time (it's very annoying)and this happen the second this message appear only occur in football games i play other games like tekken 5 and god of war with no problems.
maybe the"mem structure ceanup" thing in the message indicate that it's apart of the emualtor.
Could you also provide screenshots of your PCSX2 and plugins settings?
Have you tried turning off speedhacks?
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I think this is indeed an emulator bug.
1) Make sure you are running from an ISO image and NOT from a DVD, these games read a LOT from it
2) Make sure microVU0 and microVU1 are checked under config->CPU
[Image: newsig.jpg]
here is the screenshots of my plugins settings and yes I'm running from an ISO image and NOT from a DVD. as i said before I tried different versions of pcsx2 every time with adifferent set of plugins with or without enabling speed hacks and it gives the same problem(note:not really aproblems just the whole slowing and pausing thing is really annoying).in some versions the game becomes slow for just few seconds then return to it's normal speed but this happens alot so it is annoying as i said.

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